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   March 2020   

WT300 - Groundwater Treatment and Supply

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Length: 1 Day
Fee: $325 + tax
CEU Value: 0.7

Course Objective:

This one-day course is structured to give water professionals an understanding of the processes, technology and decision-making for the management of groundwater supply and treatment. The course will review the hydrological cycle and the importance of groundwater for providing drinking water. It will discuss the Walkerton Enquiry and drinking water legislation. It will also review the characteristics of water and the treatment of groundwater as a source of drinking water.

Enabling Objectives:

The participants shall:
• Understand the components and importance of the hydrological cycle and the importance of ground water as a source of fresh water.
• Review the characteristics of water and the basics of groundwater.
• Review the Walkerton Incident and the recommendations that modified legislation.
• Review the legislation and regulations for providing safe, clean drinking water.
• Understand the treatment of groundwater, including the maintenance of wells, and the monitoring of systems using SCADA technology.

March 30, 2020